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Film and Video Collections

Special Collections houses an extensive African Film Collection as well as an Audiovisual Archive. The African Film Collection comprises over 3,000 Africa-themed documentaries, feature films, and shorts, including television series, which have either been made in Africa or have predominantly Africa-related content. It is one of the major collections globally. Most films are already in digital formats, and remaining video tapes are being converted. Special Collections collects comprehensively on South and Southern Africa and is committed to strengthening and broadening film material from other regions of Africa, to create new research opportunities. Please direct research enquiries to Bev Angus.

The Audiovisual Archive includes some 20,000 items, including 35 and 16 mm film and video. Key collections are the ARD (German public broadcasting corporation) materials on southern Africa from 1984 to 2004, the Community Video Education Trust collection from the 1980s, as well as work by such significant film-makers as Craig Matthew, Lindy Wilson, Liza Key, and Mark Kaplan. We also house a number of film festival collections and orphan works. Special Collections preserves these historic films regardless of format. Please direct research enquiries to Andrea Walker.