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Freelance Archival Researchers

Freelance Researchers in archival collections of Special Collections, Jagger Reading Room, UCT Libraries

Researcher Email
Dr Veronica Belling, former Jewish Studies Librarian, UCT Libraries, historian and translator from Yiddish and Hebrew into English
Mrs Anne Clarkson, Historical and genealogical researcher 

Mrs Lesley Hart, former Head of Manuscripts & Archives and of Special Collections, UCT Libraries
Dr Katie Mooney, Humanities research (archival and oral history interviews), genealogies. or

Brian Müller, Archival research including photographs and film (formerly on staff of Visual Archives, Special Collections and Archives, UCT Libraries)
Mrs Sue Ogterop, former African Studies Librarian, UCT Libraries
Dr Sandy Shell, former Head of African Studies Library, UCT Libraries and Cory Librarian, Rhodes University
Deidre Prins-Solani, Education, Culture and Heritage Specialist, in particular those of peoples under-represented in traditional archives


This list of experienced researchers is maintained as an aid to users who are unable to carry out research in person. It does not constitute an advertisement or endorsement. All arrangements and interactions should be made directly with the researcher/s chosen by the user.

Freelance researchers who wish to be included in this list should please e-mail Andrea Walker providing full details of their experience in research based on primary and archival sources.