9 Jan 2018 - 10:30

A brief moratorium 01 November 2017 – 01 May 2018 has been placed on the acquisition and accessioning of new archival material by Special Collections.  The moratorium has been agreed to by UCT Libraries Management Team and Executive Committee, to allow Special Collections to re-evaluate and refine its collections policy. Once this has been completed the findings will be presented to the Library Work Group and Exco for feedback. The objectives of the re-evaluation include:

  • allowing Special Collections to align its collections policy more closely with the University’s strategic goals, particularly that of advancing UCT “as a research-intensive university that makes a distinctive contribution to knowledge both locally and globally”;
  • allowing Special Collections to engage critically with issues surrounding the curriculum and to support the re-curricularisation program through the acquisition of appropriate collections; and
  • allowing Special Collections staff to triage already donated materials in the existing backlog that support the above.

Special Collections is resolved to continue providing quality support to the academic enterprise in the unique and challenging circumstances currently affecting the academic sector. Potential donors are requested to be patient as we strive to update our collection policies to meet these challenges.      

Feel free to contact the Head of Special Collections, Renate Meyer [] for further information.