The Other Camera: Exhibition

21 Nov 2014 - 16:00
Portrait at Eastern beach, East London, Eastern Cape,  photograph by Daniel Morolong/ FHISER
Portrait at Eastern beach, East London, Eastern Cape. Photograph by Daniel Morolong/FHISER.

Cape Town

3-10 December, CAS Gallery, UCT


18 February 2015  -  (end date not yet confirmed) Origins Centre, Wits University

The Other Camera, produced by Special Collections, UCT Libraries, is an exhibition celebrating and exploring the genre of vernacular photography from South Africa. 

Drawn from a number of rare archives it poses important questions - how do photographers from communities in Africa, and specifically South Africa, photograph their own people, environment, culture, and events?

The Other Camera exhibition positions itself against dominant visual representations of Africa, its people, and cultures that are either overly romantic or pessimistic. 

The exhibition has been shown in the USA and is currently touring Sweden. This is the official launch of The Other Camera in South Africa to coincide with the international symposium organised by HUMA on Conspicuous Consumption in Africa from 4 to 6 December 2014. The exhibition and symposium will open on 3 December and include a performance by Masello Motana called Seven Colours with Julia Malema.

Curated by Paul Weinberg.