Jagger Library Recovery

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UCT Libraries Executive Director extends a message of thanks #JaggerLibrarySalvage

29 Apr 2021 - 15:15

Dear All

A week ago our professional lives were changed so unexpectedly and drastically by the quirkiness of fire. It's been a week of shock and deep-seated pain that witnessed the sad and joyous coming together of friends and colleagues to mourn the loss and celebrate the influence this elegant and splendid library had on many individuals, scholars and librarians; the selflessness and selfishness of human nature during a time of crisis; the generosity of spirit and goodwill to ease the burden of loss; and the commitment of time, effort and expertise to salvage and recover that which is under threat.

The realisation of the loss of the Jagger Reading Room as a historic moment in the lives of extraordinary libraries was brought to bear by the global outpouring of shock and support. It's been truly humbling.

I wish to acknowledge the University Executive for their support and confidence in the Libraries team; Properties & Services for the unquestioning and unstinting support at every turn; CMD; DAD, external sponsors - PicknPay, Windmeul, Gift of the Givers, Merrypak, Clover and GLS Supply Chain Equipment!

A huge shout-out to our volunteers - students, academics, retired and current Libraries staff, UCT staff, conservators (retired and current who have taken leave to be with us), staff from sister institutions, and local Capetonians who responded to our call for help this weekend. You made it possible for us to move 2172 crates of materials since Thursday and we will be continuing this week. And so a huge thank you to each one of you for showing up and making a difference.

We have a long way ahead of us and together we will achieve our goal of removing all the materials from the Jagger Library.

Ujala Satgoor
Executive Director: UCT Libraries