Photographic Projects

Richard Cowling Collection
Richard Cowling is a UCT graduate and one of South Africa's foremost ecologists. His work has had a major impact on our understanding of the ecology, evolution, and conservation of the Fynbos, Succulent Karoo, and Subtropical Thicket Biomes of South Africa. He has published extensively on these themes in the peer-reviewed scientific literature and has also written or edited several widely-acclaimed scientific and semi-popular books on the vegetation of South Africa.
On the Frontline: Youth in Struggle
This collection of photographs is a visual witness to one of the longest and bloodiest periods of political resistance to apartheid: it provides irrefutable documentary evidence of the momentum and euphoria that accompanied the popular protest, as well as the excessive and violent state brutality. Of particular significance is how the oppressed youth of the period, following the example set by their peers in 1976, rose up in response to state repression.
South Africa in Cartoons
This chronological exhibition is built around three themes: The Early Days; Apartheid; Madiba And Beyond, and represents just a tiny selection of the prolific output and variety of South African political cartoonists. All the images can be found in books, newspapers, and journals located in the African Studies Library. The collections of cartoonists Tony Grogan, David Marais, and Derek Bauer are housed in Primary Collections.